Friday, February 15, 2008

got grace?

this week i had two instances of major hurt feelings.  the first occurred because of a reunion (of sorts) with an old friend; who, way back when, made me feel betrayed and belittled.  it's crazy how all those feelings came back when i saw her again!  i have a whole other life...a much to be thankful for!  and, yet, that deep seated hurt is still there.

the second occurred today when i found out a family member lied to me.  and, even worse, it was a deliberate lie - for no other reason than to "stick it to me".  that REALLY hurt!  and it has yet to be resolved.  i'm sure the resolving will not be easy, but hopefully it will avoid any of those life-long-lasting deep seated feelings.

sometimes life is not so fun.  some days people are not so nice.  i suppose, whether old or new, intentional or unintentional, whether on the giving end or the receiving end...hurt feelings are just part of it. after all, we are only human.  sinners.  thank God we are saved by grace!

words cannot express how thankful i am for grace!  i know i need it.  i know i'm nothing without it.  now i just need to be willing to bestow it on others.  Lord, help me.

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Becky said...

I hate it when those deep seated pains reoccur, and it happens way too often for me. I feel your pain, and I'm sorry! Hope tomorrow is an easier day! Tell your husband hello for us and give your little one a kiss! (He's probably long, long ago in bed!)