Friday, April 11, 2008

it's snowing here...let's go to augusta!

it's april.  in the white household that means two things: harrison's birthday and the masters tournament.  those items were not necessarily listed in order of importance.  fortunately for me (and for harrison), the masters always ends before harrison's birthday.  thus, the two do not have to compete for daddy's attention.  God sure knew what he was doing when he choose to keep me pregnant for three extra days.  at the time, i did not properly thank Him for that foresight.  

for days before my due date i waddled up and down the street for hours, ate the spiciest food known to man, cleaned and re-cleaned, and rearranged the nursery furniture again and again. i'm sure i muttered many things under my breath...but "boy, God, i really love the fact that i'm more than 40 weeks pregnant with no end in sight" wasn't one of them.

but now i will give credit where credit is due. God, you really are all-knowing.  because, clearly, if harrison had been born on the 11th instead of the 14th, my dear husband would insist on having a golf-themed birthday party each year.  complete with an official airing of the master's tournament.  

by the way, vacuuming is an excellent way to bring on labor.  and, really, what pregnant woman doesn't want to vacuum everything in her home before bringing her newborn into the world?

what many may not know is that in order to attend the masters - not play, just attend - you must become an accredited patron.  that means you have to fill out an application form, complete with social security number.  all the applications are put into a lottery system and, if chosen, your application is reviewed before an invitation is extended. as the good wife that i am, i have filled out an application on my husband's behalf each year since...well, actually, since BEFORE we were married.  maybe that's WHY he married me.  it must be the thought that counts, though, because jeremy white has not yet received an invite to go to augusta.  that is why he "attends" from our living room.  

and that is why he insists that harrison will, one day, get on the pga tour.  and, of course, daddy will caddy for him at the masters tournament.  and, then, after harrison dons the green jacket, we can all celebrate his birthday in peace.


Dalene said...

If you could just post EVERY day, that would suit me just fine. I love reading your unique perspecives. I think that Mr. Big Golf Man is a pretty lucky fellow. I'll be praying for Harrison's swing (okay... I might forget to pray). When you're the mother of a famous golfer, don't forget about us little people.

Christy said...

Hee-Hee. That is hilarious. I didn't know Jer was a golf man! Well, personally, I'd be thanking God it's not football or boxing or something like that... At least he won't get head injuries in golf. Right? (:

Happy Early Birthday to Harrison! What fun!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Harrison! And Happy End Of The Masters, Rachel! Can't believe he is already a year old! Time flies!

Kipplyn said...

OK Rachel, let us talk. I LOVE GOLF! It is a great thing to nap to on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday my mom and dad were cuddled up in the their amazing media room, wearing pjs and sipping coffee. Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me (I had other "kid" responsibilities and didn't get to watch) Well, the Masters is one of my favorites to watch- there is so much drama and tradition. My dad has become friends with a member at Augusta. He was 54 when he fulfilled his dream to go Augusta and actually play with a member! He even enjoyed watching them mow. It is quite an art, you know. One hole (16 I believe) has 1600 azalea bushes!) This year Bo was fortunate enough to go watch the practice round on Tuesday-Wednesday. Pretty exciting. But the truth is, it is even better from the cozy couch snuggled up with your honey! Life as a golf wife can sometimes feel like a widow, but if you get into it, it is better! Happy birdies to all!

Kipplyn said...

PS. Happy Birthday Harrison! Maybe one day he will choose the golf theme!