Tuesday, April 15, 2008


yes, it's 3:30 in the morning.  yes, i'm awake.  yes, i'm online...desperately checking to see if anyone has posted something new so that my mind has something to think about other than the fact that it's not sleeping. 

BUT, because i am up-to-date on all my blog reading (aka: because no one has posted anything new in the last 12 hours.  come on, people, help a girl out.), i'll write about my lovely day with harrison. 

attempting to get his one-year photos taken.

at a professional studio.

actually, maybe i won't write about it.  because, now that i think about it, i'm sure that's why i am not currently asleep.  i was so immensely exhausted after the one-and-a-half hour ordeal...i think i'm experiencing something called "too exhausted to sleep".  in baby terms, this phenomena is called "overstimulated".  

thank God for grammy, who went into battle with me.  if it wasn't for her help and support (and continual laughing at how darn "cute" harrison was being), i may never sleep again. 

by the way, "cute", in that last sentence, means "demanding, clingy, and whiny".  which, somehow, really was cute.  well, for brief, intermittent, moments anyway.

short story shorter: we got a few pics.  click here to see one.  not one we ordered because he's not actually looking at the camera.  or smiling.  but, in case you cannot tell, he's saying, "SO BIG!"  

that was one of the brief moments.  

it is now my belief that harrison will grow up to be a male model.  a very high maintenance one.


Kipplyn said...

you really are funny! thanks for all of the recent smiles! pictures....hmmm.....last time we went to a really professional place the photographer told me to come back when my youngest child was 5. hee hee

Becky said...

When I link to the photo site, it asks for a user name and password! And, like Kipplyn, it's been ages since we did professional photos in a studio. It completely wears me out. We've had some done outside and many, many so Brent can do magic with photoshop!!!

rachel white said...

sorry about the link. i checked to make sure it worked, but i'm sure it only worked for me because the username and password are now cached in my browser.

login: rawhite

pw: whitehouse

Dalene said...

WOW! He already has "magnum" in the bag! He is one seriously good looking kid.

Christy said...

Yes, pictures are a huge hurdle. When they are finally old enough to sit still, they decide they don't like having their picture taken and cop an attitude. OR, work up one of the cheesy fake grins. UGH! I bribe my kids to get good pictures. And it's still "iffy".