Monday, April 21, 2008


if a one-year-old eats: 

one piece of whole wheat toast, diced
1/2 a stick of string cheese, diced
4 big chunks of fresh pineapple, diced
a 3 inch piece of cucumber, diced

plus some water...and some wash it all down

is that a lot???

(btw, at harrison's one-year check up, he weighed almost 23 pounds....and is 32 inches tall!  we think he has hollow legs!)


Courtney said...

i find it ebbs and flows! some days mine will eat more food than i feel they possibly could fit in their stomachs and then the next they eat like birds...and its random too. jackson can eat a lot of food but so can creighton! the other day my 23 pound little girl ate 3 big pieces of pizza!
so no, that isn't a TON of food, but it's no featherweight either :)

Christy said...

that does sound like quite a bit. But, I wouldn't worry. He's just a growing boy. Right?

If it helps, Forest is a chunk too. He's like 17 lbs. or so. (haven't weighed him in a while) and only 20 wks. YIKES!
Honestly, everyone that sees him and finds out how old he is just says, "wow! he's a big boy!"