Saturday, April 5, 2008

peanut butter twix

i have rediscovered one of God's greatest inventions - the peanut butter twix.  i have a thing for sweet treats...and i've loved the peanut butter twix since childhood.  or maybe it was teen-hood. either way, they were taken off the market for quite some time, but i never forgot them.  i cannot tell you how many times i've longed for a peanut butter twix.  and the candy gods must have heard my internal pleas because i recently found them again as i was standing in the checkout line at target.  the cashier must have thought i'd found a long-lost friend.  the excitement was not containable.  jer was with me.  he was simply shaking his head in disbelief. i mean, how is it possible that someone can get so emotional about chocolate?!  

thanks be to my sweet grandma gladys for getting me hooked on these delicious treats.  just one of her many idiosyncrasies (of which, i will have to devote an entire post)...grandma gladys always seemed to have peanut butter twix on hand when we came to visit.  or she would give me a box for christmas. a christmas present.  as i said, that subject will take a completely different post. 

back on to the important stuff....i know many famous/historical duos - batman & robin, mary & joseph, bonnie & clyde, ricky & lucy, tom & jerry.  and i've experienced some seriously great food duos - coffee & cream, french fries & ketchup, pizza & beer (that was jer's suggestion).  but i cannot think of a better duo - the pairing to beat all pairings - than chocolate & peanut butter.

enough said. 

by the way, the "new" peanut butter twix has a "cooler" package and a "hipper" name - twix p.b. and they changed the original blonde wafer to a chocolate one.  still tastes amazing, but the original was perfect as it was.  no need to mess with a good thing, people. 


Dalene said...

Girl, now you preachin'! AMEN to Peanut Butter and CHOCOLATE! Doesn't the bible say that "peanut butter and chocolate cover a multitude of sins?" Oh wait... no... that was Love. Oh well..sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between LOVE and COCOLATE!

Courtney said...

you are funny...but i most certainly must agree with you on the whole pb and chocolate. i LOVE me some reese's pb cups...mmm, mmm, mmm, those are delicious

Christy said...

I used to love those too. I also loved a "Whatchamacallit" No Kidding. That's what the candy bar was called. Ever heard of it? I used to eat it with a DP. I'm sure it contributed to my zits. (: OOOHHH... do I miss those. Glad you were re-united.