Wednesday, April 9, 2008

worker's comp

i have come to realize that SAHMs need worker's comp.  i mean, there are many hazardous duties involved with raising children.  well, one child.  one very active child. 

take, for example, changing crib sheets.  seriously.  this is not an easy task.  do you take the mattress completely out of the crib (which involves removing bumper pads)?  do you leave the mattress in?  i've attempted both ways.  many times.  and, really, any way you cut it, the work is simply back-breaking.

especially if you are attempting to stretch a "cheaper" sheet over the mattress.  you know those 2/$5.00 sheets you buy as "back ups" for times when the good sheets are dirty.  here's a thought: the 2/$5.00 packages should come with an ice pack and instructions "for use on aching body after applying sheet to mattress".  because, really, without the ice're just getting a bargain of a backache. 


Courtney said...

yeah...there really isn't an easy way to do it. it is one of my least favorite chores. if you splurge and get the chenille ones from pottery barn kids they are wonderfully easier to get on/off, and my kids both love them! they keep them a little more snuggly and they don't make noise when they squirm around in their beds and they are SOOOOO soft I want to cuddle up with it! They are also not cold when you lay them on it like normal sheets are....I higly recommend them. They last really well in and out of the wash and dryer and don't shrink (like the cheap ones)....i used the same ones from when Jackson was a baby and still use them for Creighton. I have two and unless a sickness occurs and they are both dirty that is ALL I ever use for the crib.

I have found it is much easier on my back to lower the crib rail, undo the bumper pad, and remove the whole actually is less frustrating and less time consuming than trying painfully to do it inside the crib!

Dalene said...

I'm pretty sure that Hubby is in charge of the workers comp plan, and to defray the cost of paying that claim, perhaps he needs to be employed to do all heavy lifting. Otherwise, I think a massage might need to be added to the perk package. Nowdays, I'm a big fan of making the kids wash their own sheets. You have that to look forward to.

Kipplyn said...

Hi Rachel, I have been doing this for a long time! It is just not easy! But, here is what I do... pay someone else to do it. hee hee, only kidding. No really, once the baby can crawl, off with the bumper pads. I buy the flat matress pads that only lie flat under the sheet. Those are great! Then, I just pull the edges through from in between the rails on the crib. The only thing worse is changing top bunk sheets! :-) Happy Changing!!

Christy said...

ooooooooh, yeah, those top bunks are killers too. I say, do what I do... let them sleep in a pack-n-play in your bedroom. Those are WAY easier to change. (:

So, why did I spend a great deal of hard earned money on a crib??? Well, we'll use it one day...

he has taken some naps in it. (hee-hee)