Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a rainbow and a refund

last friday afternoon a thunderstorm moved over the mountains and we looked out our window to see this.

such a beautiful sight.

i love the small porch at our condo. each morning jeremy and i sit outside to drink our coffee and savor the view. the hummingbirds are plentiful, their high-pitched flutters constantly announcing their presence. my favorite sound is the restful white-noise of the wind blowing through the aspen trees. the boys have taken to ordering a cup of hot cocoa so they can join us in those peaceful moments.

last saturday morning graham accidentally tipped over his cocoa and he was heartbroken. he went inside and curled up on the floor. i told him it would be okay, it's just cocoa, no big deal. he lifted his head and cried, "i want a refund!"


happy humpday friends!

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