Thursday, July 3, 2014

thursday things that make me think

this satire - yup!  i have to admit i sometimes feel this way up at the condo which i clean nearly every single weekend. but i feel the need to clean it because i want it to be nice and welcoming the next time we open the front door. jeremy and i are leaving for mexico next week and i kinda feel this way about all the planning and prep it takes to be away for a week. p.s. i heart the onion.

favorite quote from this piece: "in the midst of raising kids and giving yourself 100% to them, god has not forgotten the things in your hearts". the author mentions the biblical character gideon, whom i studied last fall/winter. she relates how god equipped gideon with ordinary things that helped him do extraordinary things.

jeremy and i were just discussing our need for a trip to estes park, colorado when i saw this blog post. she mentioned things to do that we, as locals, didn't know about! i think this would be a great family vacation destination or, for us, maybe a day or overnight trip. she doesn't mention the main street in estes, though, which i consider a must do. it's touristy and crowded but you can't go to estes park without buying salt water taffy and fudge! and if it gets a bit crowded you can always find a shady spot along the river (within walking distance from main street) to eat that delicious sweet treat.

what being a bff means in your 30's - yes!!

fave quote from this essay: "and crumbs on the counter. forever. for the love, ALWAYS the crumbs". ha! so true!! i would add "crumbs on the counter AND THE FLOOR". i'm actually considering getting a dog for the sole purpose of licking the crumbs off the floor. carpe tomorrow is such a great motto!

gorgeous photos! bird's eye views of cities. i think vietnam is my fave? hard to choose.

i think that's all i got for today, folks! sending love to you today!

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