Friday, July 25, 2014

my fitness journey - continued

i first wrote about how i was exercising and eating healthily (for my body's specific needs - no gluten, soy, dairy, sugar) back in may. you can read that HERE. sometimes i cheat on the sugar and dairy part because ice cream. but anyway...

since that time i've beefed up my workout efforts even more, still going to pilates class twice each week but increasing cardio to 3-4 times a week. that means i've been working out 5-6 times a week since the end of may. and i'm loving it.

more than anything i'm loving the benefits i've gained - improved strength, decreased stress, improved emotional health, much improved hormonal health. TMI ALERT: my period has gone from lasting ten days to only four days. this is a biggie for me because my GYN's next suggestion (for all the troubles i've been having) was a hysterectomy. if exercise can prevent me from having surgery and make my menstrual cycle better, i'll keep doing it.

yesterday i was on the treadmill for 42 minutes totally 2.75 miles, 1.75 of which i was jogging.



i made the very brave decision to try running on the treadmill approximately four weeks ago. i was scared to do it because of the likelihood that i might fall on my face or faint or die but i did it anyway.
for two minutes.

the longest two minutes of my life.

now here i am four weeks later and although i still need to slow down to catch my breath after a mile or so, i am fit enough that i can speed back up again. my cardiovascular strength is improving, my heart rate recovers much more quickly than it used to, and i no longer watch the seconds tick by. i actually don't really think about the time anymore...i just jog. 

the biggest thing that's helped me run/walk/run longer is music. i use to go to the gym so i could watch rachael ray while i worked out. hey, whatever got me there, right? now i prefer to zone out and listen to tunes. here's my get-my-butt-moving playlist:

ten songs. 42 minutes. a warm up and a cool down. all upbeat. a great mix of rock and pop. it's good for running, good for walking slowly at a steep incline, just good for getting ya movin! it's the perfect playlist, in my ever-so-humble opinion.

1. city of blinding lights - u2 - fave lyric: do you see the beauty inside of me
2. shake it out - florence + the machine - fave lyric: i am done with my graceless heart
3. raise your glass - pink  - fave lyric: we will never be anything but loud, nitty gritty dirty little freaks
4. i love it - icona pop - fave lyric: (lyrics are ok but what i really love is the beat)
5. roots in stereo - p.o.d. with matisyah - fave lyric: now dance your way back to zion
6. it's all i have - blindside - fave lyric: i know i can't make you wear it but i sure will try
7. summer - calvin harris - (don't love the lyrics, just the beat)
8. fix my eyes - for king & country - fave lyric: fight for the weak ones
9. withering - blindside - fave lyric: hey i'm still glorious but i'm withering like roses in the fall
10. waiting here for you - christy nockels - fave lyric: you are everything you promised...all we need is you

p.s. if you don't have any interest in working out, this playlist is also really good for living room dance parties or for car rides with little boys who love to get their wiggle on!!

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