Friday, July 4, 2014

summer 2014 - week five

a very brief update.
let's see...this week...

monday - drove home from the mountains, just hung out close to home.
tuesday - met our preschool friends at the park and then ate lunch at mcdonald's.
wednesday - miss kayla came to play with the boys. they went to the library.
thursday - uncle zach came for a visit in the morning and then the boys and i spent all afternoon at the swimming pool.
friday (today) - jer is off work so we'll spend time together, try to get some housekeeping done and packing for our trip next week. we are also grilling with friends this evening!

things of note:

harrison lost a tooth yesterday and due to the fact that jeremy and i don't ever carry cash i had to stealthily sneak harrison's own piggy bank out of his room and borrow two dollars from him in order to be the tooth fairy. i know. brilliant, right?!

we are just finishing the boy's read aloud book, charlotte's web. goodness it's taken us forever to get through it. i think we are all just slowing down on our reading and filling our time with other endeavors. i finished the hypnotist's love story and have moved on to attachments.

i'm making these yummy treats to share with our friends tonight - vanilla chex bars!

i think that's all i got for this holiday weekend. happy fourth of july!

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