Tuesday, July 22, 2014

puerto vallarta vacation - the hotel

casa velas boutique hotel is an all-inclusive resort. except it just might be the very best all-inclusive resort ever. unlike other establishments that offer watered-down drinks and buffet-style meals, casa velas offers top-shelf everything - l'occitane toiletries in the suite, premium liquor and incredibly delicious, superbly served meals.

the pool and swim up bar (under the palm branch roof). we never had to "swim up" to order drinks. miguel and carlos frequently walked over to us to ask how we were doing.

the hotel's small size lends to it's luxury, private feel. it was not at all uncommon for us to be the only couple in the restaurant and the only couple at the pool. the staff was welcoming, accommodating and just downright amazing at anticipating and providing for our needs/wants before we could even ask. 

 a view of the private hotel entrance.

 the architecture.

 a photo of the grounds.

upon our arrival we were greeted with a comfy sofa to sit while we went through the quick and efficient check-in process, a back massage, a cool washcloth for after-travel refreshment and a glass of hibiscus water. many staff members greeted us by saying "welcome home" and that's exactly what casa velas became by the end of the week - our home away from home.


 the back of the hotel.

casa velas offers excursions, parties to attend and classes to take but i believe their specialty is helping their patrons truly, deeply relax. they provide a beautiful, tranquil environment and all the services/amenities that make one feel completely pampered and special.

one example might be our dinner at the beach club. jeremy and i had a lovely outdoor meal while watching the sun set over the ocean. after the plates were cleared our waiter asked if we'd like a mexican coffee. not knowing what that was, he explained it to me but i was still surprised and enamored when it turned out that mexican coffee wasn't just a drink, it was a spectacle!

 the ingredients.

 heating the glass.

 adding cinnamon.

 pouring the tequila (i think) back and forth.

 finishing off the drink.

another example was our final dinner at emiliano's. one of the staff members, francisco, asked us why we were vacationing and we told him it was to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. he insisted on planning a special dinner for us. we started dinner with a bottle of veuve cliquot champagne (the whole bottle, all-inclusive), a lovely green salad with strawberry viniagrette, a delicious artichoke soup, an entree of beef tenderloin, potato and asparagus and this for dessert:

jeremy snapped this of me. i was very happy.

as a side note, the staff did an amazing job of making sure all my food was gluten-free. now that made me feel very cared for and special.

this has become a picture-heavy post so i'll stop here. i think i still have one more post to share with photos from the private beach club and downtown.

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