Tuesday, July 1, 2014

lower cataract lake loop - part two

my post yesterday about the lower cataract lake loop had photos taken with my dslr camera. the photos today were taken with my phone. note to self: charge camera batter before going on adventure.

it's called a loop because it does just that - circles around the lake. it's safe to say no matter where we were along the trail the views were gorgeous.

the boys loved the run-off from the waterfall (i did too!). they wanted to walk across the trees that had fallen across the stream. i vetoed that idea.

we walked over the bridge instead.

we came upon a rocky incline and were startled by a small snake. can you see him? he was more afraid of us than we were of him.

we started out with long-sleeves and fleece but ended with t-shirts. although graham is my high-energy, trail-running buddy for parts of the hike he likes to catch rides from daddy periodically too. we need to get the boys some quality hiking shoes so their feet don't tire out as quickly but they easily handled this loop in their keen sandals.

see what i meant about how it seems as though we are creating our own path through the brush?

wildflower photos:

jeremy took an amazing photo of a columbine blossom (colorado's state flower, not pictured here) which were in full bloom all along the trail. apparently we went at just the right time to see them.

after we finished our hike we were hungry! next time we visit this trail we plan to pack a cooler with food and drinks and picnic by the lake. but last saturday we stopped at the mountian lion cafe, a kitchy hole-in-the-wall joint with the most delicious food!

both boys ordered adult-sized breakfast platters and finished every bite! harrison said it was the best pancake he's ever eaten - high praise from him because he eats a lot of pancakes! he said "i'm not in heaven. i'm higher than heaven!"

i ordered breakfast too and i'm telling ya, i could eat at the mountain lion every single day of my life. jer got a double cheeseburger and said it was to die for. i highly recommend this diner. friends who come to visit us in summit county will get the pleasure of eating there!

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Leslie Norgren said...

Love the photos of your adventure! And I hope we get the pleasure of joining you at the Mountain Lion, now I'll be thinking of pancakes all day.