Friday, March 14, 2008

clearly i am a blogging ignoramus

question: how do i know if someone comments on one of my old posts? is there some kind of setting i need to adjust?  or do i just have to keep checking back (which would be a bit insane)?

and if i comment on someone else's blog, and they comment back, do i have to REMEMBER to go back and see if they commented back??  i mean, i can't even remember to brush my teeth some days!  (well, that is a bit of a stretch...but you understand).

HELP ME!  (but please do so in a nice, non-sarcastic blogging ego is very fragile at the moment).


Becky said...

I can't help you, but just so you know . . . you are not alone in the world of blogging ignorance!!! I know there is some way to set it so you know comments have been left, even on old posts, but I don't know how.

On the other, my sweet brother in law once told me in a not so sweet way (but I love him dearly) that blogging comments were not supposed to be entire conversations!!! But he's a guy! Of course girls are going to have whole conversations - don't we anytime we can - especially we moms who spend so much of the rest of our day having conversations with preschoolers! So, I wish I knew when someone responded to my comments on their blogs, too!

Dalene said...

Go to settings/ comments/ comment notification email--type in your address. It will notify you every time a commment is left, no matter what post it is left on. I think you have to check back to the blogs you leave comments on if you think someone may respond.


Courtney said...

dalene did it for me. i just had to set that up for jeff too!

but yes, you have to check back on the blogs unless you subscribe (check the little square) for email follow-up comments below the google/blogger area and above the publish your comment area...but beware, i did this on one particular blog and the next day opened my emails with 204 new emails in my inbox. so just be careful not to do it on a blog that gets a ton of comments regularly because you get them ALL :)

Courtney said...

and you aren't a blogging ignoramus...we all had to learn one way or the other...its not like we had it all figured out right away ;)