Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God bless baby einstein!

thank God for baby einstein. the reason "happy harrison" is so happy is solely the result of hours of baby einstein. hello. my name is rachel white and my son is a baby einstein addict. yes, we are a two-a-day family. at least.

mama needs to cook dinner? baby einstein to the rescue! mama needs to take a shower? i love me some baby einstein! harrison has an ear infection and NOTHING else will console him? UNLIMITED baby einstein! (i'm not kidding. one time we watched six in a row.)

mama: "harrison, do you want to watch a baby einstein?"
harrison: perks up head, opens eyes wide, walks toward the television, begins squealing with excited anticipation as mama picks up the remote control, makes panting noises, whines if mama can't start the video fast enough....seriously, i've created a monster (aka: junkie).

can you say "conditioned"? it's as if my child is pavlov's dog (who IS one of the baby einstein puppets, by the way). maybe that's where he learned the panting??

since i am now an official full-time mom, i feel it important to cut back on the baby einstein watching. i must admit that i have been experiencing some guilty feelings about the whole issue. i've been justifying my behavior because i ONLY let harrison watch baby einstein. of course, the APA doesn't approve of even that. so, clearly, i have been in denial and am, only now, seeing the error of my ways.

in any event, this week, we've been trying to go for more walks. we watch the ducks swim in the pond. precious ducks. ...then, when we get home, i show harrison how the real ducks compare to the puppet ducks on his favorite baby einstein video. : )


Courtney said...

you do what you have to do. my kids shower with me has this fantastic thing called shower/tub crayons and they keep them entertained for the entriety of the shower (even on days I have to shave!)...and I also have in there a medicine dropper, some plastic cups, and some animals...they do really well...and get clean and I don't have to worry about them while I am in the shower messing up the house or getting hurt.

but jackson watches more tv than the apa recommends...creighton won't watch more than 4 seconds of matter what it is

Becky said...

You gave us our first Baby Einsteins - two of them, which Sarah now watches, but only for a couple minutes. She does not care for the television much. David, however, was like Harrison. He LOVED Baby Einstein, and many other shows. He still loves movies and TV! I don't know, nor want to know, what the APA recommends!!! As Courtney says, you do what you have to do. And my children RARELY showered with me. I just didn't enjoy having them in there very much - everyone is so different - both child and parent!

Becky said...

Hey! I need a new email address for you. The one I have is at cbre - isn't that your old work address?

Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it is a GREAT day!

rachel white said...

oh yeah! my personal email is:

LOVE getting your newsletters!!

Dalene said...

What the heck is the APA? (JK) Buy EVERY baby Einstein video.

Enjoy him, hug him, play with him, tease him, pray with him, feed him, clean him, tickle him, talk to him, listen to him.....

...and then put in the video when you need a break.

Frankly, from what little I know, I couldn't be less worried about him. In fact, it sounds like he's more or less adored and blessed.

Hi, I'm Dalene, and my kids are webkinz addicts.