Thursday, March 13, 2008


i don't really have a comment or explanation about this pic, except to say that it was just one of those sweet moments that i wanted to capture in my mind forever. what is cuter than a boy and his blanket?

sweet boy. actually holding still so i can get a non-blurry photo of his face.

tom cruise wanna-be. risky business, baby.

we bought these sunglasses today. harrison gets a huge happy face when i put them on. but, then VERY QUICKLY takes them off and begins chewing on them. i probably took 20 pics to get one semi-good one.

haha, mama. i'm faster than you. : )

i had originally planned to post about the fact that aliens invaded our home last night, captured my child, and replaced him with mr. crabby pants. however, as the day progressed, mr. crabby pants slowly went away and "happy" returned. so i thought some cute photos might be in order. plus, dada has been wanting to see what we've been doing while he's away.

you know, we all have crabby days. one of my all time favorite books is alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. i tried reading it to harrison today. he would hear nothing of it. i guess it wasn't helping him to know that alexander was having a bad day, too! i did let him eat two gerber biter biscuits. (they are hard little graham-cracker-flavored "cookies" for teething babies). things started looking up from there. takes after his mother.... nothing a little "sweet treat" can't fix!


Christy said...

He is so darn CUTE! AND, he does look like Tom Cruise in that picture. (: I sure miss you. I would love to build our cabin in Colorado!

Who knows!

Becky said...

That is one of my favorite books also!!! He is adorable!

I'm sorry, but I think Christy should build her cabin in the Sierras outside of where we live, and you and Jeremy and Harrison should just move here!!!!

Dalene said...

Note to self:

**Doesn't fall into the "misery loves company" category.

**Fill cookie jar with soothing treats.

**Schedule appointment with local talent scouts.

Courtney said...


but I am liking it that the Cooks remain in Bville :)

Marci H said...

Loved the pictures! I never knew what happened to you. I am glad I can check in on your life via the WEB!!

I enjoy your blog!