Monday, March 10, 2008

welcome to [stay at home] motherhood!

so....friday was my last day of work.  er...  i mean, friday was my last day of working at the OFFICE.  everyone was wonderful and it was a bittersweet day.  i'm very happy to be at home full-time now, but i will certainly miss the daily interaction with them!  but that's not the point of this blog...

since becoming a stay at home mom...

jer, harrison and i had a lovely saturday.  one exception: the bambino developed yet another horrific diaper rash.  saturday night was spent at target purchasing lotrimin, cortaid, maalox, and vaseline (my new cure-all diaper salve).  we started baking-soda bathes again.  

on sunday we drove to the airport to drop jer off so he could fly to boston for a two-week business trip.  yes, you read correctly - TWO weeks.  the moment he got out of the car i began praying to Jesus for the strength to make it through.  and for patience.  lots of patience. harrison and i had a lovely afternoon and evening together.

monday: (oh, yeah, that's TODAY?!)  weather was gorgeous.  happy and i went through starbuck's drive-thru to get mama a grande-half-caf-drip-with-extra-cream-and-one-splenda. yum.  then we went for a long walk around one of the local duck ponds.  fun.  the day was filled with adventure...but, little did i know the excitement had not yet begun. 

afternoon naptime:  good, peaceful, all is well. 
wake up from afternoon nap:  good, peaceful, all is well.  UNTIL mama notices a mysterious wetness running down harrison's leg.  a quick search reveals what cannot and should not ever be described in a blog.  "gross" will have to suffice.  i immediately got harrison in the bathtub. no way baby wipes could tackle a job like that!  one question:  how could the boy SLEEP through such grossness??!!!  and, worse, upon further investigation, i realized the grossness soaked through his pants and onto his crib sheet.  no big deal, right?  WRONG.  apparently, my child laid his sweet little head in the grossness that had soaked onto the sheet, causing a rash to form on the left side of his face.  how could he SLEEP IN such grossness??!!!

should i be happy that he is such a peaceful sleeper?  should i be happy that he doesn't whine at the slightest wet/messy diaper?  well, i suppose i am so very happy about both of those things. what makes me UNhappy is that my son sleeps in filth...which ends up giving him horrible diaper rashes (and makes a huge mess for me).

so i got the boy cleaned up.  all the while, remembering my prayers for patience.  don't think i wasn't throwing up some "oh, so You're going to choose RIGHT NOW to see if i was really serious about my prayer requests??!!  are you kidding me??!!" kind of prayers.  shouldn't have done that.  God was chuckling at me.

so...dinner time rolls around.  the short version:  my clean little man suddenly projectile-vomited everywhere.  and, of course, as soon as it's out of his mouth, he thinks it's fun to PLAY in it.  sigh.  welcome to motherhood.  the real version.


Becky said...

I'm so, so sorry, and am so praying that he will get better very quickly and will also pray for that patience that you need. It is so hard when Brent is out of town!

Dalene said...

Bonding. Best done over vomit and poop. Bugs are NO FUN. Sorry.

Christy said...

Why is it that when daddies leave town, chaos ensues? Sicknesses come, plumbing goes, heaters go, washers break, on and on. I wish it weren't true, but it is. EVERY time. At least mostly. I just hold my breath and pray until he gets home. I REALLY understand. I'm so sorry. It's got to get better. Don't's still all worth it. I think you know that.

Courtney said...

oh i am so sorry! that is horrible...and why do they always get sick or becomes little heathens (how do you spell that) when dads are GONE!? yuck...hope you are doing well...or atleast better