Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the sounds of parenthood

you know the sound that happens when women "bare down" during child labor?  or when a toddler may have eaten too much iron and has to use some extra force to "take care of business"?  it's a sound that can be made by taking a breath, holding it, and grunting/moaning. often, this noise is accompanied by a dark red face. 

i see the dark red face, and hear the laborious grunting noise, every day.  why?  because it is now harrison's normal reaction to the word "no". 

mama: "harrison, you can't climb out of your highchair and onto the dining room table" (spoken while placing harrison back on his bottom).
harrison:  ignores mama.  begins climbing out of highchair again.
mama: "NO!"  (spoken while placing harrison back on his bottom again).
harrison: MMRRMMRRUUUGH!!!  (spoken with an unhappy, "i want to climb on the dining room table RIGHT NOW", inflection).


Becky said...

It's so fun when they start exerting their independence!!! It really is!

Christy said...

Hee-Hee! I can't wait!!!

rachel white said...

hmmm. you both seem to think this is a fun stage. i am not yet convinced.... : )

Christy said...

it's only in hind sight believe me. (:

Dalene said...

Great! He has determination, strong will, stic-to-it-iveness, and strength. Great characteristics in our future president. Good Luck, and I hope his growls keep you giggling. They keep us laughing.