Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patrick's day

hope you don't get pinched! (did everyone grow up with that "tradition"? that you have to wear green on st. patty's day or risk bodily harm.)

we woke up to snow this morning. i love the snow. it's fresh, clean, and so very peaceful. it makes everything more quiet...insulated.

i can cherish the positive attributes of snow because i do not have to venture out in it. i can stay in my flannel pajamas all day, cuddle up with my sweet boy, and claim a special day for staying inside.

this way, i won't run the risk of getting pinched!


Christy said...

I love the peacefulness of the snow too. BUT, I'm really glad we don't have it right now. I have spring fever and I would cry if it got TOO cold again. REALLY! Glad you got to stay in!!

Dalene said...

I know what you mean about those fun days of being snug in the house when it's showing outside! I always feel like I'm "playing house" on those days!

Marci H said...

I enjoy your blog Rachel!! Harrison is soooo handsome!! I look forward to keeping up with you!!