Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a list of random things

1) the election.  this is what i know: 1) i'm thankful it's over!  2) everything happens for a reason!  are you getting tired of me saying that yet?  3) our election process sucks.  sorry if that word offends anyone but, really, it sucks.  if i could have my way i would change a few things... 
- nominees are each allowed 10 million in campaign contributions.
- funds raised above that cap go directly to paying down our debt, boosting social security, ending poverty in america, etc.  
- let's see how those candidates really can operate within a budget!
- excepting debates, ALL television air time concerning the campaign is eliminated.  no ads, no interviews, no guest spots on saturday night live.
- no paper ads in my mailbox either.  
- each candidate is allowed an interview with one reporter from each reputable national newspaper.
- if they want to reach voters who don't read newspapers they have to use their 10 million and get creative.
- let's see how resourceful those candidates can be!
- during debates if the nominees go over their allotted time the microphone automatically turns off so we cannot hear the rest of what they are saying.  my friend jillynn mentioned this idea on facebook (hi jillynn! good idea!)
- so that's it.  10 million.  televised debates.  newspaper articles.  no hanky panky.  wouldn't that be so much better?

2) thank you so very, very much for all the words of encouragement with regard to this blog and the things i write.  thank you for your prayers!  thanks for investing the time to read and learn (along with me) more about sensory processing disorder.  your support makes me feel stronger and more assured about this "great adventure", as my friend amy put it.  most of all, thanks for loving this cutie patootie...

3) this picture was taken at a local apple orchard about a month ago.  our family went there for homeschool "a is for apple" week.  i'll have to do a whole post on it and share more pictures.  it was fun!

4) just because i am serious in writing about our journey with spd does not mean i will stop  addressing the hilarious things that happen in our home.  after all, what would life be without a little laughter?  and, boy, does this family provide me with content!  just this morning both boys climbed in bed with us and, out of the blue, one of them casually said "my winky just keeps on standing up straight".  people, i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried!  i've been thinking we should change our last name to winky so this blog could officially become what's up at the winky house!

5) i made pepperoni pizza burgers for dinner last night.  oh holy lord!  they are not remotely close to being healthy - i'm sure jer's cholesterol went up 100 points - but whatever the consequences it was worth it!

6) our friend leslie took our annual family christmas card photos last sunday afternoon.  i haven't seen the results yet but i'm crossing my fingers for just one good one.  i love sending christmas cards mostly because i love receiving them but every year after christmas i wonder if i shouldn't have taken the money spent on cards (and postage!) and donated it to a worthwhile cause instead.  interestingly, one of leslie's clients is heifer international.  i'm toying with the idea of doing a paperless card for 2012 and buying some chicks and ducks and geese...better scurry when i take you out in my surrey.  when i take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!  oh, hang on, i got side tracked.  you can't sing in high school show choir, and then live in oklahoma for ten years, without breaking out into the occasional musical number from ooooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...

7) i think that's all i got for today.  as harrison says, "adios french toast"!

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Jillynn said...

where the waving wheat sure smells sweet when the wind comes right behind the rain!!!! OOOOOOOOOOO-Klahoma....

I shall stop there,

How geeked am I that I made today's post!!! I had been missing your posts all lat year and was resigned to the fact that you blogged about as often as I do. Well, you DID blog about as often as I did until you came back to the blogoshpere.

I saw you were blogging again and chose tonight to play catch up! So glad I did! It felt like we were sitting in "my" house on a lazy saturday back in the B, watching a marathon of HGTV & not ever leaving our respective couches and never changing out of our jammies! It was WONDERFUL catching up with you and I am so encouraged to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

Praying for you, dear friend, as you navigate this new territory & keep up the winky conversations! I laughed so hard!!!!