Tuesday, November 20, 2012

follow up & a joke

i thought i'd share some updates...

1) miss erika was happy i stalked her and tracked her down.  her new salon suits her much better - very rock & roll.  oh, and her hair is now dark brown and red. 

2) my friend erica is still my friend despite the fact that i unknowingly spread germs to her family.  my cheeks turned red and became hot as i talked to her about it over the phone.  oh, the humiliation.

3) the photos leslie took turned out great!  and i did cave and order christmas cards.  it's just not christmas without cards!  but we are still going to figure out a way to give to others this christmas season.

4) we haven't seen our friend juliana for the past two weeks and i'm doubtful she will come this friday as it's the day after thanksgiving.  basically, if we don't see her this friday, that will be only two out of six weeks that harrison has had therapy.  i really love having juliana come to our home but we are anxious for a more intensive form of therapy.  that's part of the reason we are trying to get into STAR.  it's our understanding that their treatment model is the best.  and juliana will still be our therapist at STAR, too.  if you think of it, please pray that we are able to get in!  please, oh please, oh please.

5) some of you have expressed an interest in being able to "follow" this blog.  or to receive my postings via email.  i realize it's hard to remember to check here regularly.  honestly, though, i can't figure out how to set that up.  anyone out there knowledgeable about these things???

6) we are considering montessori schools for harrison for first grade.  and, of course, we have to figure this out now because choice enrollment starts on january 7th.  anyone out there knowledgeable about montessori schools and which ones in our area are good???

7) anyone?  anyone?  bueller?  bueller?

and, lastly, i'll leave you with a joke.  harrison likes to tell this one...

how does a farmer count his cows?

with a cowculator!

hahaha.  get it?  a COWculator!

oh my.  yes, indeed, these are the kind of jokes - much worse than this, actually - that are par for the course around here.  usually it's more like this...

knock knock.

who's there?


elephant who?

elephant mommy!

hahaha hohoho hehehe (graham slaps his knee and rolls around on the floor because it's just.so.funny)


knock knock.

who's there?

um, harrison.

harrison who?

harrison had to go poo-poo.

hahaha hohoho hehehe (graham AND harrison roll on the floor with knee-slapping laughter)

and, once again, i'm left guessing.

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