Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Am I?

The latest edition of "Who Am I?" was played this morning on the way to take Graham to preschool. 

Graham: I have four legs, a big face, a small winky and fingernails on my feet.  Can you guess who I am?

Seriously people.  I am not making this up.  These are exact quotes.  

Harrison: An elephant.

Graham: No, I said a SMALL winky!  My children associate elephants with big winkys because one fateful day at the Denver zoo a male elephant shall we say it?...excited to see us.  I have photographic evidence.

Harrison: Oh.  A rhino?

Graham:  I'll tell you.  It's a hippo.

Harrison:  But hippos have big winkys, Graham.  My children also associate hippos with big winkys because the hippos get excited to see us too.  Again, I have photographic evidence. 

Graham:  Oh yeah.  Let me go again.  Ok.  Let me think of an animal.  Alright.  I have four legs, a big winky, a big face, a back and a tummy.  Can you guess what I am?

Harrison:  A hippo!

Graham:  YES!

All this talk of hippos and winkys is reminding me of the time (a year ago probably) when we met my friend Amy and her two girls Asher and Brooklyn at the zoo.  Asher was in preschool with Harrison last year and Brooklyn is currently in preschool with Graham.  They are perfect age play mates but as much as my boys love them there is just one little problem - they are girls. 

So we were all at the zoo watching the hippos when I heard Harrison say, "Look at his winky." (which was straight as a flagpole at that exact moment)

To which Asher responded, "What's a winky?"

ha ha ha ha ha he he he he ho ho ho ho

I offered up a silent prayer...

Dear Lord, why are my children so dang focused on winkys?

That is still my prayer today!

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