Friday, November 9, 2012

the apple orchard

The last week of September was "A is for apple" week in our homeschool curriculum so we took a family field trip to Ya-Ya Farm & Orchard, which is approximately an hour north of us.  We invited Meme and Papa (Jeremy's parents) to come along.  Meme had been wanting to make and jar applesauce, so we made a day of it.  Unfortunately, the apple season arrived early (and was shorter) this year so we missed the "u pick it" opportunities by one week but we were still able to buy bags of apples, apple cider, apple cider donuts and apple blossom honey.  

This old truck was parked just within a barn that held antique farming equipment.  A perfect backdrop for a photo although I'm not certain the barn was actually supposed to be "on display".  Off limits or not, the boys thoroughly investigated every machine.

The white horse was Sweetie Pie, the biggest horse I've ever seen - taller and broader than a Clydesdale.  I wish I could recall the name of her breed.  Her baby, the black horse, was five months old.  Both of them were incredibly friendly.  Meme shelled out dollar after dollar so the boys could feed them carrots. 

 Meme and her boys.  Graham was just SO excited to have his picture taken, he couldn't hold still. 

 Papa and his boys.  It was very bright.  Can you tell?

This was while we were on a hay ride, being pulled behind a tractor, that took us through the orchard.  What a beautiful scene for a hay ride!  Incidentally, the tractor driver asked if anyone knew what type of flower apples are related to and Harrison was the only one who knew the answer because we had learned it during school.  Answer: the rose!

 Feeding the donkeys/beasts of burden/asses/burros/mules/democrats.  Whichever you prefer.

 Harrison took this photo.  Not too shabby.  We may have a future photographer on our hands.

On the antique tractor.

We were able to take our donuts and cider and sit at picnic tables nestled between the rows of apple trees in the orchard.  It was a lovely experience.  One that I hope we will visit again in the years to come.  If you are local, I would definitely recommend it as a relaxing and fun family activity!

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