Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where do they get this stuff?

Interesting the things little ears hear...and the things little mouths repeat. 

Last year, after watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, my children took to calling each other stupid.  Today, that word has mostly disappeared from our house thanks to a threatening bottle of apple cider vinegar waiting to be swished in the next mouth that utters it.  

Since watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving last week the boys have started saying "he's all yours, Priscilla" and "you sly dog".  Of course, with Graham, that's pronounced "he's all yours, Pwis-si-wha" and "you swhy dog".

I guess, according to Harrison, Peppermint Patty says "you sly dog" to Charlie Brown and Marcy says "he's all yours, Priscilla" to Peppermint Patty.  My boys don't necessarily use the phrases in the proper context: 

Harrison: You did a great job riding without training wheels, Graham.  You're such a sly dog!

Graham:  (angry, yelling) Be quiet, Harrison!  It's all yours Priscilla!

The other phrase they've started saying is "listen, woman".  And, yes, they know how to say it in context:

Me: Harrison, come inside and put this puzzle away.
Harrison:  Listen, woman! ...

Me:  Graham, it's time to come upstairs and put your jammies on.
 Graham:  Listen, woman! ...

And, no, I don't have to ask where they learned this.  I know first hand.  They are simply modeling what they see and hear their father doing.  In fact, the other day Jer was standing there when I asked Harrison to do something and he replied "listen, woman" and his father laughed!  Now if that isn't the way to encourage bad behavior, I don't know what is!

Now, I don't want to paint my husband as a chauvinist.  But he kinda is.  You think apple cider vinegar will work on him?  Hmmm...

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