Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, Graham!

Can someone please tell me what happened to this precious baby?

 When did he turn one?

Or two?

 When did he develop such a gregarious personality?

 How did he get so brave?

 When did he realize his cuteness would get him out of trouble?

 Who taught him to be such a fun brother?

 When did his little face change and begin to lose those chubby cheeks? 

 Where did he learn to love life so much?

 How is it possible this little mister is four today?

Thank you so, so much Sweet Boy for being such a joy to your daddy, brother and me. 
You aren't the life of the party - you ARE the party!
It is not possible to express how happy you make my heart.
Nor can words begin to explain how much I love you. 
Happy birthday.

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