Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a list of 6 random things

1) i managed to piss off the mom of one of harrison's new classmates because i've been parking in one of the handicapped parking spaces when i pick harrison up from kindergarten. i explained to her that i've grown accustomed to doing that during school pick-ups because at preschool the only open spaces are designated handicapped and everyone uses them. she didn't seem to care about our preschool or their parking lot situation. i apologized to her and told her i would try to be more cognizant.

oh man.

2) when i dropped graham off at school this morning teacher mary asked me if we are looking for a new house. i said no. she then explained that yesterday graham told her we were looking at a new home "that had a hot tub and a swimming pool and two tvs!" i informed teacher mary that we had stayed in a hotel suite over the weekend that meets that exact description. funny to hear things from a little person's perspective!

3) today when i picked graham up miss rachel told me she overheard a conversation graham had with a couple of classmates. he pointed to a picture of jeremy and said something like..."hey guys, see this? that's my dad. wanna know why he doesn't have any hair? because he didn't wash it. so you gotta wash your hair or it will fall out."

4) i am coming out of my depressive funk. i think i'll write a whole post about it. but, for now, i just wanted you to know i'm doing better.

but i still hate doing the dishes and the laundry. and cooking meals. and wearing real clothes. and picking up my children's things. and making beds.

so i guess what i'm saying is I NEED A HOUSEKEEPER!! 

but, seriously, i am improving. i know this because i went to the grocery store today and i actually remembered to unload the groceries from the car!

5) so i do believe everyone has now seen the season finale of downton abbey, right? i knew it was going to happen. i called it, people. as soon as i saw him driving in that carefree...everything just as it should happy. i just knew it was too good to be true.

6) the other show i've been watching is the bachelor. i'm a channel surfer. and we get all of five channels (basically the networks and pbs) so most evenings jeremy and i watch something he's pulled down from the interwebs. but on nights when he's busy working or when i just have a few minutes to veg i'll flip through the stations mindlessly. and, of course, i end up on the bachelor or the biggest loser or...well, those are the only two shows that are coming to mind right now.  anyway, i hate the beginning episodes of the bachelor but when it gets down to the last four or five girls i find myself actually watching the show! can't wait to see who he's going to end up with!

jeremy tells me i'm losing brain cells by watching it. i tell him i already lost plenty of brain cells by carrying, birthing, and raising his children...a few more won't hurt. :-)

i do believe that's all i have in my brain to share with you today. we are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow...and again on sunday. on one hand i desperately hope we do. we really need the precipitation. and the boys love playing in it. however, my friend kylie is visiting from oklahoma and i was very much hoping to drive to the mountains tomorrow to see her! if they issue travel advisories i won't be able to go. so, snow or no or no travel...we shall see!

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