Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the weekend recap

our weekend was fascinating as usual.

saturday morning i woke up with vertigo. i got out of bed and tried to walk to the bathroom and quickly realized something was wrong. it felt like i was walking sideways. i got back into bed, begged my husband to wake up, bring me dramamine, and make breakfast for the boys. in that order.

instead, he woke up, couldn't find the dramamine, yelled at me about not being able to find the dramimine, started making breakfast for the boys, yelled at me that the bread was moldy, tried to make toaster french toast sticks, yelled at me about not being able to find the toaster french toast sticks...you get the picture.

our saturday started out gloriously.

and just to be fair, i yelled right back at him. from my horizontal position. vertigo makes you feel like you are going to vomit if you move but it doesn't hinder your ability to yell at the top of your lungs that the dang french toast sticks are on the bottom shelf in the freezer.

thankfully, he was able to finally find the dramamine (after i yelled the location). i took two and knocked myself into the kind of sleep every mom longs for and woke up 2.5 hours later feeling slightly better. i slowly got out of bed, showered, dressed and went about preparing a few things for a little surprise party the boys and i put together for meme.

saturday was her birthday. her 23rd birthday. that's her story and she's sticking to it. and we are all following suit. in fact, harrison informed meme that his teacher, mrs. brown, recently turned 24. "that means she's older than you," harrison said. "that's right," meme replied.

we arrived at meme and papa's house around 2:00pm to decorate. the boys and i had spent a couple afternoons making cards for meme and red and white bunting to hang. they also helped make vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and chocolate covered strawberries. the strawberry theme was harrison's idea, "because meme loves strawberries". and, lastly, jeremy took the boys to get red, pink and white helium balloons.

balloons, bunting, baked goods. it's the birthday trifecta. you can quote me on that.

papa managed to get meme home at 3:00pm on the nose and she was very surprised to find her favorite people inside her house. it was a fun afternoon!

sunday i woke up feeling a bit better, still dizzy but manageable so, thanks mostly to modern medicine. lots and lots of beautiful, much needed, snow fell overnight and the boys were delighted to get to climb and play on the giant snow-plow-made mountain in front of our house. the whole family stayed in our pajamas all day.

sunday was actually, non-sarcastically, glorious.

what made it even better was that jeremy got to watch some of the daytona 500 and i got to watch some of the oscars. and you know what my take-away was? i think quentin tarantino is on the spectrum. spd spectrum? autism spectrum? definitely some kind of spectrum.

after all, the most brilliant minds typically are.

i have zero data to back up that statement. but i still believe it's true.

let see...moving on to monday...

the mom at harrison's school still really doesn't like me. sigh. i brought her delicious chocolove candy bars which didn't seem to help much. but she did kinda sorta give me the tiniest bit of a smile at pick up time, so maaaaaybeeee she's coming around. we shall see.

maaaaaybeeee i should park in the handicapped space again today and she what happens. ha! i know. i'm terrible. and i don't think i could deal with the consequences of actually carrying through with that idea. but if my life was a movie and i was watching jennifer aniston intentionally park in the handicapped space just to make someone mad, i would probably laugh. a lot.

just saying.

monday afternoon i took the boys with me down to the tech center (where STAR is located) for my appointment with juliana. this visit was to set our goals for therapy. we discussed quite a few goals, some more attainable than others. some more about training jeremy and me (specifically regarding modifying our behavior and the way we touch harrison) than "training" harrison. training really isn't the correct word as therapy isn't about training...but i have less than five minutes to finish this post and leave the house to pick up harrison from school.

the appointment was good. i feel confident moving forward. therapy begins march 18th. i'm telling you, STAR's schedule is jam packed! it's a lengthy process we've been through and i'm very much looking forward to the actual therapy start date!

okay...gotta go. happy tuesday to everyone!

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