Monday, February 4, 2013

congratulations to the pigeons

our weekend was uneventful. the boys had planned to go skiing on saturday but then had to cancel their trip because papa needed to take care of his mother, granny white, who was having some health issues. harrison and graham were sad that papa - and, therefore, they - couldn't go skiing but attempted to convince jeremy that they could "ride the chair lift by ourselves and we won't fall off".

jeremy did not want to give his wife any more grey hairs so he informed the boys that there will be no solo chair lift riding for a very, very long time. or until mommy is dead and buried. whichever comes first.

we just hung around the house on saturday. the boys took a trip to the home depot for light bulbs - mostly CFLs, but also some LEDs, which proves my point that you need to be a genius to purchase light bulbs these days. as if trying to demystify the various watts and volts isn't already enough to give me more grey hairs, now i have to determine the actual type of bulb i need. so i leave the bulb hunting to the man who has already lost his hair. at least he doesn't have to worry about it turning grey. and also, unlike his wife, he won't be found in the middle of the home depot pulling his hair out.

over the course of the weekend we turned down a number of invitations to super bowl events. mostly because i came to the realization that i'm depressed. i just don't want to leave the house. or be around people. or do the dishes. or the laundry. but i guess those last two are nothing new. i think jeremy is ready to exchange me for a new model. someone with less grey hair might be nice but i'm sure, at this point, he'd settle for a wife who can actually get out of bed in the morning.

on sunday jeremy took the boys up north to meme and papa's house because papa's brother, uncle ivan, was visiting from chicago. i opted out. and i stayed home, and i stayed in my pajamas, and i stayed on the couch, the entire time they were gone.

and then jeremy came home with symptoms of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, stomach bug that's been making it's way throughout our family. i'll spare you the details. after all, i don't want to give you any grey hairs. needless to say, i got up off the couch and he laid down.

all four of us were in pajamas well before kickoff and we snuggled together to watch the super bowl. harrison was rooting for the 49ers, or "the red guys" as he put it.  graham cheered for the ravens. except he kept calling them "the pigeons". so the red guys and the pigeons battled it out.  when graham woke up this morning i told him he chose the right team - the ravens won the super bowl! he said, "YES!  I LOVE TO WIN!"

i'm sure that's exactly what all the pigeons were saying too.

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