Wednesday, February 27, 2013

real life conversations...

...that involve cold and flu season.

i cannot remember a cold and flu season that's been as nasty to us as this one. our family has experienced cycle after cycle of yucky bugs. in fact, as i type this, harrison is lying in bed with a 102.3 fever, home from school once again. sweet boy.

here are some snippets of conversations that have taken place recently, all having to do with our family ailments...

the scene: a couple days after graham had to go to the e.r. with a painful ear infection, the boys and i are sitting at the breakfast table. they are eating waffles. i'm not.

graham: mommy, are we gluten free?

me: no, only i am. gluten makes me have headaches.

graham: i have a headache.

harrison: no, graham, you have an ear affection.

infection. affection. cute little word switcheroo. 

another scene: graham has been complaining that his left foot hurts. (i think it may be because his snow boots are too small)

graham: mama, my foot hurts. i think i have an ear infection in my foot.

love him.

another scene: graham is sitting on the potty.

graham (yelling): MOMMY! my tummy was hurting and i had to go poo-poo and, guess what, i had the majorest poo-poo in the whole world!

me: oh good.

graham (still yelling): COME SEE IT!

still love him. but do not understand why boys SO enjoy looking at their poop.

and, with that, i'll leave you to the rest of your day! since harrison has some type of infection he's more in the mood to receive affection. i'm going to sneak some cuddles from my, typically, anti-cuddle boy! wish me luck!


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