Tuesday, February 19, 2013

crested butte ski trip

we had a great time in crested butte this past weekend. what a blessing to get to spend time with family, in a stunningly beautiful location, and participate in activities we love! (skiing for the boys and watching tv for me).

just kidding.

kind of.

our weekend started out with a smooth four hour drive. we got settled into our hotel suite (that we shared with meme and papa), ate some dinner and chilled out until bedtime. i noticed that graham didn't eat much which is unusual for him. typically, he has two hollow legs. he kept complaining that his head hurt and he was holding the side of his head. i had a slight concern that it was really his ear that was hurting, which was confirmed when he woke up crying just one hour after he went to sleep. he proceeded to wake up and cry, moan, hold his head, thrash around, curl up in a ball, and say "something is wrong" and "can i please go to the doctor?"until i finally decided we needed to go to the emergency room, which was a 30 minute drive back down the mountain.

poor guy.

indeed, he did have an ear infection. the hospital sent us home with enough antibiotic to get us through the rest of our stay and we headed back to the resort. needless to say, graham stayed home with meme and me on saturday and took a good long nap. harrison went to ski school by himself (which you know i was freaking out about). jeremy and papa skied all day, picked harrison up from ski school at 3:00 and took a couple runs with him.

the guys came back to the room, graham was feeling better, and everyone got ready to go for a dip in the hot tub, which is the boy's favorite part of any ski trip, second only to the actual skiing. in fact, they keep asking me when we are going to get a hot tub at our house. i told them we have one. but we call it a bath tub. they didn't buy it.

graham and harrison, in the bathrobes meme made for them, just before heading outside for a soak.

this was in the outdoor pool.

graham had a really awesome night's sleep saturday night. i felt like we were getting a "do-over" and was thankful he made such a quick recovery! sunday morning everyone woke up, put on their hot chillys and went down to the breakfast buffet. graham ate his normal healthy portions! he was ready for ski school! 

so the little boys walked with the big boys to the lifts. ski school doesn't begin until 9:30 but the lifts open earlier, so the four of them had time to take a run together before drop-off. what a great way to start the day! 

meme and i walked to the base a few times throughout the day to check on everyone, give graham his antibiotic at noon, meet jer and papa for lunch, and take photos.  the rest of this post will be very photo-laden!  

getting on the red lady lift.

off they go. love seeing harrison and graham's little skis in between papa and jer's big skis. 

here they come. 

off they go again. 

here they come again. papa leading them down.
 harrison in the blue helmet, graham in the green, jer bringing up the rear.

graham is pouting because the lift had closed and he couldn't go back up again.

so they took a little snack break. food makes everything better.

and then they went to play on this cute little tree fort that was at the base.

 my handsome husband.

big boots, little boots, little boots, big boots.

harrison took this photo of meme and papa. i love it.

last shot before heading back to the room...and another dip in the hot tub!

but not before we took a photo op on the ice bench. 

 harrison took this pic of me. 

monday morning came too quickly. we loaded up the car and the kids and headed back to reality. the only thing that could have made the trip better (aside from erasing the first night's complete lack of sleep and e.r. visit) would be to stay another day...or two...or three... 

crested butte, we'll be back!

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I love all your family photos. So great!