Saturday, January 26, 2013

a lovely little stomach bug

well, a stomach virus hit our house wednesday night.  poor harrison woke me up at 11:30 saying his tummy hurt.  i should have known that a tummy ache = puke, but i realized too late.  jeremy and i bolted out of bed, tried to help and comfort harrison as best we could, tried to clean up the mess as best we could, got the situation under control, made a little bed for him on the floor next to our bed, got him a puke bowl just in case he might need it again, crawled back into bed, closed our eyes, were ready to drift off to sleep, when poor sweet harrison yakked his guts out again, all over the clean blankets we'd just arranged, and we had to start the whole process all over again.

i ended up putting a pillow and sleeping bag on the bathroom floor, inches from the toilet bowl.  i slept on the floor in the hallway outside the bathroom.  harrison proceeded to vomit almost every 30 minutes for the rest of the night.  i have absolutely no idea what time we were finally able to get to, and stay, asleep.  that virus was nasty!

he missed two days of school but is back to his normal self this morning.  and, so far, no one else in the family has caught it.  fingers crossed!  harrison's teacher, mrs. brown, said she only had 6 out of 12 students in class on friday.  something is definitely making it's way around the school.

yesterday was friday.  at preschool that equates to "sucker friday".  at the end of the preschool day all the kids line up outside the clinic to get a dumdum lollipop.  it's the highlight of their week.  harrison, because he is a preschool graduate, has continued to get suckers each friday.  before i took graham to school yesterday, harrison asked me "is it sucker friday?...can i have a sucker?"

i told him that, yes, i would bring home a sucker for him if i could remember to do so.  (he knows that i have a terrible memory and gives me a hard time about it frequently).  he then informed me, "mommy, you only have to remember two things today.  take care of me and get me a sucker.  you should be able to do that."

pushy little kid, isn't he?

so the boys are NOT going skiing today.  it's better to give everyone's body a rest, i think.  jeremy took them to the donut shop, which has become a fairly regular saturday morning event.  since having gone gluten free, one of the things i miss most is donuts.  the smell!  the taste!  give me a maple cake donut or give me death!  sigh.

it remains to be seen what the rest of the day will hold.  the weather is beautiful so i'm hoping we can get outside and soak up the sunshine and breathe in the fresh air!

well, the boys are back and they brought the donuts home to eat here!  oh, the rudeness!  i guess i'll go downstairs and eat breakfast with them.  nothing like a little glutenous torture to start my weekend out right. 

hope you have a fabulous weekend!  with lots of gluten-y, donut-y goodness!  and no stomach bugs!

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