Sunday, January 27, 2013

valentine's activity

what do you get when mix a whitman's chocolate sampler...

with play-doh?

first, let your kiddos eat the chocolates.  try to convince them to share one with you.

next, make your own play-doh chocolates.

finally, refill the sampler.  
milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate - yummy!

graham chose to make valentine colored chocolates, which are fun too.

harrison wanted to use primary colors.  this is his creation, which he asked me to hold so he could photograph it himself.  

so, whitman's chocolate samplers + play-doh = a two ingredient good time!


April said...

Cute idea!

rachel white said...

april, thanks for always commenting! your comments make feel loved. and like i'm not just talking to myself all the time! :-)