Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a real life conversation

this post could also be titled "everything my children know they learned from curious george"

the scene: i was still lying in bed when graham crawled in next to me and cuddled up.  he began to tell me about the curious george episode he just finished watching...

graham: mama, do you know how to make syrup?

me: no, graham, i have no idea.

graham: first you tap a tree.  well you put a hole in a tree and hammer in a tap.  then you let grey stuff drip out and cook it for a long time.  and guess what, there's a secret trick!

me:  what's that?

graham: when you cook it you put butter in the syrup so it doesn't boil over.

me: oh wow!


me:  so what kind of tree do you need to tap to make syrup?

graham:  a brown one.

me: a maple tree.

graham:  or a Log Cabin tree.


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