Monday, January 14, 2013

good morning, monday! (the one where i discuss how pioneer woman and i are basically the same person)

our weekend was uneventful.  i got a migraine, which is always loads of fun.

today my house is a mess and my laundry pile is larger than normal and, guess what, i have absolutely no interest in tackling any of it.

i just read a book to the boys and set out a bunch of craft supplies so they can draw a picture that re-creates a scene from the book.  so it would appear that not only am i not interested in cleaning up the current messes, i'm in a mood to make more messes!  in the two minutes since i've begun this post 57 pieces of plastic drinking straws have accumulated all over my bedroom floor.

yes, we do crafts in the master bedroom.  and, yes, straws are very fun to cut with scissors - they make a popping noise and fly across the room.

one blog-worthy thing happened over the weekend.  jeremy took the boys up to his parent's house saturday afternoon to watch the broncos game.  by that time i was feeling pretty crummy so i elected to stay home.  remember last week when i told you harrison is trying to earn money by doing chores?  yes, well, my child came home from meme and papa's house with five dollars to add to his piggy bank.  he told me he helped meme around the house so she paid him money.  i asked him what chores he did to earn five dollars and he responded, "i helped meme make cookies".

all i can say is i wish someone would pay me five dollars to make cookies.

another noteworthy thing - i mentioned last friday that i made beef stew served over mashed potatoes and it was divine and jeremy raved about it and informed me that i am never again allowed to serve beef stew any other way.  i believe i also linked to the original pioneer woman recipe that i somewhat, kinda-sorta followed to make my beef stew.  well, TODAY, she (pioneer woman) posted a recipe for beef stew with mashed potatoes.  she calls it "sunday night stew".  i call it destiny.

you see, pioneer woman and i have a lot in common.  she grew up in bartlesville, oklahoma.  i lived there for ten years and it holds a very special place in my heart.  she got married there.  i got married there.  she has a bff named becky who attended the church where i worked and is married to my former dentist.   that's less then six degrees, people.  she has a brother named mike.  i knew mike.  he asked me to marry him many times.  pioneer woman and i could have been sisters in law.  that's way less than six degrees.  she writes a blog.  i write a blog.  she has kids.  i have kids.  she homeschools her kiddos.  i homeschooled my kiddo (until last week - ha!).  she loves her husband.  i love my husband.  you see how this is working?

and now it's obvious we must think alike, too.  i serve beef stew with mashed potatoes.  she serves beef stew with mashed potatoes.  clearly, great minds...

maybe, since we're so in tune with one another she'll somehow stumble upon my blog and float me a pair of smokin hot cowboy boots!  oh yes, please!  size 8.

this begs a question, though.  did everyone already know about the whole "beef stew with mashed potatoes"concept?  have i just been living under a rock my whole life?  here i thought i came up with a new idea but i guess it really is true that "there's nothing new under the sun"!

whatever the case, whether new or old, beef stew with mashed potatoes is a very delicious idea.  and now you don't have to just take my word for it.  it's pioneer woman approved!

i do believe that's all i have to share for today.

adios french toast!

or should i say later, mashed po-tater? 

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