Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my friend is in labor!

my day started at 3:15 am with a phone call from my pregnant friend/neighbor who's water broke!  she needed me to walk over and stay at her house until her mother in law could drive up from colorado springs.  i think i babbled something about brushing my teeth and then, somehow, managed to make it over to their house without falling back to sleep.  i am anxiously waiting for an update and can't wait to find out the sex of their baby!  harrison thinks it's going to be a boy.  graham thinks it's going to be a girl.

on a slightly different subject, i recently discovered graham is in a love triangle at preschool.  you see his buddy, cayden, likes a girl named luchen.  i have no idea how to spell her name but it's pronounced lu-can.  but luchen doesn't like cayden, she likes graham.  but graham doesn't like luchen, he hates girls.  isn't that just always the way it works out?

i was in a love triangle once.  except the boy i had a crush on liked another girl.  and she liked him back.  so i suppose it was less of a triangle and more of a wheel.  a third wheel.  when we were in elementary school i took my friend, christa, to meet andy, the cute boy with whom i was desperately in love.  we met at the school playground on a saturday morning, if memory serves.  which it rarely does so i just might be making up this entire story.  turns out, upon meeting, christa and andy developed feelings for each other that had absolutely nothing to do with me and i was left on the lonely merry-go-round of life while they walked off hand-in-hand toward the swings.

christa truly did her elementary-aged best to spare me humiliation and protect my feelings.  she always was a very good friend to me and i have lovely memories of all the times we spent together as kids.  and you know what the best part of this little snippet is?  christa and andy are married now! 

i'm telling you, if elementary love can make it then, surely, preschool romance stands a chance too.

sounds like there just might be hope for cayden and luchen!  but not so much for graham because i'm encouraging him to hate girls until he's 30.  maybe one day they'll get married, get pregnant, and call their neighbor at 3:15 am because she's gone into labor!

you never can tell what the future might bring.

right now i'll set aside looking too far in advance...

i'll settle for finally finding out if our new little friend is a boy or a girl!



Karna Robbins said...

Rachel, I've been hearing for about a week about your blog and the "love triangle". I laugh every day when, on the way home and unfortunately for Graham, she is going to marry both he and Cayden!

Karna Robbins said...

Oh, and we can thank Disney for making all princesses' happy endings reliant on weddings and being married happily ever after for Lucanne thinking she has to marry them both!

rachel white said...

hi karna! i guess lucanne could have two husbands - a reverse polygamist situation! :-) and thank you for telling me the correct spelling on her name!!