Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a real life conversation

the scene: graham has a new habit of sticking his tongue out at his brother, or me, or...everyone. i've had to have quite a few discussions with him about it. so, one afternoon, not long after he'd just heard another talk about this behavior he said...

graham: mommy, guess what, i was extrolling me.

me: huh?

graham: i extrolled me.

me: what?


me: graham, i don't understand you.

time out: in my defense, when graham says extrolled it sounds like ex-two-woed.

graham: i ex-troll-ed me.

me: you extrolled yourself?

graham: yeah. i wanted to stick my tongue out, but i didn't. i extrolled me.

me: oh! you had self control? you CONTROLLED yourself?

graham: yeah. i controlled me.

me: good job, buddy. i'm so proud of you for having self control and for not sticking your tongue out.

graham: yeah. like this. (proceeds to stick his tongue out at me).

little stinker.

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