Thursday, March 21, 2013

graham had a little accident

do you see these lips?

and these?

and these?

well, now they look like this...

and this...

and this...

my sweet boy took a spill on the playground equipment at preschool yesterday which resulted in receiving two stitches in his bottom lip. even so, it's the top lip that seems to be most painful. it is so, so swollen, the inside is deeply bruised and the little connector thing that attaches the lips to the gums was severed. his top lip is a mess! both his lips are a mess! what is the name of that connector thing anyway? it's gonna drive me crazy. hang on...frenulum. don't say you never learned anything on this blog.

graham was such a trooper. he was brave and tough. we went straight from preschool to the emergency room. they got us in right away and, thankfully, had a tv in the room and, thankfully, curious george happened to be on. let's all just stop and take a moment to thank jesus for curious george.


the doctor examined graham's lips and made a plan of action which included applying a topical numbing agent, an injection and two stitches. graham protested when the topical was applied. i had to have a very calm, yet very firm, talk with him and after that he did great. they wrapped him up tightly with a sheet to keep him still before the injections and stitches. we made a big deal about how harrison and graham loved to be wrapped up like burritos when they were babies. graham didn't seem to mind it at all. of course, the injections were painful. poor guy. but he calmed back down quickly and did fine while the actual stitches were put in.

he was a bit teary all throughout the afternoon but two popsicles and two chocolate milkshakes helped a little bit. he wanted to go back to school this morning (the doctor said that would be fine) and he was his normal energetic crazy-man self while there. he started eating solid foods again at lunch today and has only complained once that he needed medicine.

all in all, it's safe to say the experience of "getting hurt and needing stitches" wasn't anywhere near as bad as i had feared it would be.

and he still looks super cute with busted lips doesn't he?!

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April said...

Poor little boy. Way to handle it. I would have been like a chicken with her head cut off.:)