Monday, March 18, 2013

paper plate baby chick - an easy easter/spring craft

i recently stumbled upon a new-to-me blog - let me tell ya, the photos on that blog are divine. the photos are stunning. the photos are dreamy and lovely and swoon-worthy. and there are also some great children's book lists (oh how i love children's books. if i had unending wealth i would open a children's book store and host "reading time with rachel") and cute craft ideas.

this week we copycatted her paper plate baby chick. you really should click on the link and see her perfectly well lit baby chick photos.

what you'll need:

yellow dessert plate*
yellow feathers*
googly eyes
orange paper
glue stick

~ simply cut two long strips of orange paper and accordion fold to make legs
~cut out two feet. i did mine free hand.
~cut out a square or diamond shape for the beak and fold it in half
~glue feet to legs
~glue legs to the back of the plate
~glue feathers to back of the plate
~glue eyes and beak to front of the plate

viola! you're done! 

*i found the yellow plates and feathers at hobby lobby.

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