Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sensory bin - easter theme

so...have you ever written something - an email, a document, a blog post perhaps - and then accidentally deleted the entire thing? yes? oh good. then you'll understand why this post is short and sweet and to the point. i don't want to rewrite everything i just deleted. i can get cranky like that.

this is our easter themed sensory bin. at least it's bright and colorful. and happy and light. and cheery. and spring-y. i can feel my mood improving with every adjective.

porcupine balls for sorting or organizing...or for throwing at each other. because, with boys, it all comes back to throwing.

bendable bunny rabbits...that are "eating carrots for dinner" in the photo above and "playing catch" with the porcupine balls in the photo below.

harrison wanted to add our set of small plastic planets because "they are pastel colored" and match the other colors in the bin. i obliged him. after all, maybe the rabbits could play catch with the planets too. or maybe they could brush up on their astronomy. who know what those wascally wabbits do behing closed lids.

plastic easter eggs...for "easter egg hunts" around the room, which is graham's favorite part of this bin. or for filling with other items from the bin and having someone try to guess what's inside.

mini erasers...for making patterns, or stacking, or picking up with tweezers, or sorting, or counting, or hiding inside eggs, or for rabbit food...

all in all a VERY simple bin...basically just throw a bunch of easter stuff in a box and call it done. kinda like writing a few words in blog post and calling it done.

and trying really hard not to delete it this time.


porcupine balls - HERE is a link to the ones we have.
yellow cup -HERE is the link to the set this is a part of.
purple tweezers - HERE is a link to a similar set.
plastic easter eggs - you can get these anywhere this time of year.
mini erasers - purchased last year at target's dollar spot.
planets - HERE is the link to the ones we have.
bendable bunnies - memeandpapa put these in the boy's easter baskets last year ??

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