Friday, March 1, 2013

at least i can still have coffee

happy friday everyone. i'm off sugar.

depressed rachel will soon be turning into cranky rachel because i'm quitting my very real sugar addiction cold turkey. starting today.

i've cleared most sugary substances from the house. i thought that would help me yesterday (when i originally tried to quit sugar) but when afternoon rolled around i began frantically looking for a fix and i sure did whip up a batch of gluten-free chocolate chip muffins. they were the best muffins i've ever tasted. i ate four. (the boys each got one muffin. i'm not a complete monster.)

so...yeah. yesterday was a bit of a failure.

but today - today! - i've posted a sign on the fridge.

think it will help?
there was a time this past summer when i went off sugar and dairy completely and i felt so much better! my skin looked clearer, my body ached less, my tummy wasn't bloated. but winter does something to me. it's like i'm eating for fat storage! to keep myself warm in cold temperatures? to keep myself nourished during hibernation? i mean, i realize i'm not a bear. but lately i've been feeling like one, so...

or maybe it's the opposite. rather than hibernating, perhaps my body has been trying to wake itself get energized!

either way, for me, winter + depression = sugar consumption.

so now i'm stuck wondering what to do about it. well, i know what to do about it. but it's the actual doing that seems to cause problems. i am intentionally write this blog post so i have a bit of cyber accountability about this whole thing. we shall see if it helps.

anyone want to quit sugar with me?

beuller? beuller? ...?


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