Sunday, March 10, 2013

follow me! and an spd survey! and an old photo!

look! over to the right of your screen! you can type in your email address and have my posts sent directly to your inbox! (if you are reading from your mobile device you may have to switch to "web version" to see it).

doesn't that just make life easier? one less thing you have to remember to check?

and on a completely unrelated note, i received an email from the spd foundation that i wanted to pass along:

parents of children 0-6 years old are needed for an online survey.

parents of BOTH typically developing children as well as those with a diagnosis of adhd, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorder, or sensory processing disorder are needed for their research.

i completed the survey and it took about ten minutes.

you can take the survey by clicking here

STAR (as in the STAR center, where we take harrison for therapy) is an acronym for Sensory Therapies And Research. STAR is a collaborator and sponsor of the spd foundation which exists to "expand knowledge, foster awareness and promote recognition of sensory processing disorder". they're sort of a two-in-one deal. we get the best treatment because we have the latest research backing it up. in turn, harrison is included in some of their current research studies.

i think it's a win-win.

i'll leave you with this...a photo taken THREE YEARS AGO on a march day that wasn't as snowy as today, but just as much fun for two boys who never fail to find adventure.

time flies when you're having fun.

time just flies.


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