Saturday, March 9, 2013

cardboard construction set

some of my favorite blog posts are when authors write about, and post links to, the things they found interesting, insightful or inspiring around the internet that week.

i i i i. that was a lot of alliteration for a saturday morning.

i'm listening to the lumineers while i type.



that was supposed to be read with a long a sound. illiter- ate.

alright i'm just being silly.

synonyms for silly: idiotic, ignorant, illogical, immature, imprudent, inane, inappropriate, inconsistent, irrational or irresponsible.

anyway, i like them because they offer lots of gems in one post. one stop shopping! just like target!

"friday favorites" or "weekend links" or "the best of the blogosphere" are just a few of the ones i look forward to each week.

last sunday, simple kids offered up a link to this homemade cardboard construction set. i filed the idea away in my brain under "things to do with cardboard". just kidding. nothing gets filed away in my brain. thrown away, maybe. filed away, never. not enough space up in here!

so on monday, after a big costco trip and kitchen restock, the boys and i were left with a bunch of cardboard boxes. as harrison was tossing them into the recycling bin i said, "hey, wait, i saw an idea online yesterday...something we can make with these." his interest was peeked.

i cut long strips of cardboard and let the boys cut the strips into squares. this kept them busy while i continued to organize the eight million granola bars that are currently holding court on our pantry shelves. after they finished with the squares i took over and cut the little slits in them. quick and easy!

i can foresee this being a great "toy" to take on a trip. they don't take up any space at all to carry with us and if they get destroyed or left behind it's no big deal!

in perusing other "cardboard construction sets" around the web i found this one which has great ideas for 1) using different shapes and 2) letting your kids color the shapes. fun!

so that's our copycat craft for this week!

crafted copycat cardboard construction set.

c c c c.  okay now i'm just being crazy, confusing, comical...




yes, that's it. clearly, i'm cool.

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TutyFrutyJudy said...

Yes, you totally are cool!

I love this idea, we are definitely going to do it soon!

Thanks for posting it.