Friday, March 8, 2013

f is for friday and flowers

jeremy left early this morning and came home with these beauties. he knows tulips are my very favorite flower (irises are a close second) and whole foods just so happens to have tulips on sale today!

if you have a whole foods market near you i suggest you run in and snag this fantastic deal. i can't think of a better way to add a touch of spring to your home!

jeremy purposefully bought tulips that haven't opened yet so they will last longer. he's a smart man. i filled two vases so i could spread the cheer around the house. i have a feeling these tulips are going to be what gets me through tomorrow's winter storm and the 8-14 inches of snow that are expected to fall.

i'll be sitting right next to these guys watching the snow come down outside and sipping a steaming cup of cocoa. a perfect march day.

or i might end up sitting next to these guys while yelling at my children to stop fighting and pick up their toys and no you may not have another snack!

either way, even though life is sometimes ugly, you can't deny the prettiness of a tulip. and we can all use a little more pretty in our lives, can't we?

**i was m.i.a. yesterday due to another migraine. sigh. that's about all i can say about it. anyway, i'm going to try to use the weekend to catch up on posting as we went to STAR on wednesday and we have another appointment there today that i'll want to tell you about. we also did a quick and easy project that's worth passing along! but, for now, i hope y'all have a great friday! now go get some tulips!

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