Thursday, April 18, 2013


my two sons have taken it upon themselves to start a tooter club.

not to be confused with a tutor club.

sadly, my boys do not know what a tutor is.

they do, however, know what a tooter is.

they love - love, i tell you - to yell "go boy's tooter club! we toot on girls!"

they say this when they go skiing with daddy or to the donut shop with daddy or on any other no-girls-allowed outing. they say this when they beat me at crazy 8's or skip bo or go fish. they say this when they simply feel like it. in the middle of dinner even. then they turn their tooshies toward me and make fake tooter sounds.

i love boys.

i don't necessarily love boy's tooter club.

what i do like, though, is how the two of them - and sometimes the three of them, if we include daddy - have banded together. brotherly bonding. father son connection. boy humor. it makes me happy that they have each other and are beginning to develop a friendship based on the things boys base friendships on - bodily noises.

a few weeks back i had the honor of taking some photos of my friend's 12-week-old-ish little mister. i took harrison and graham across the street from our house to scout out some nice backgrounds for the photos. i told the boys to sit there for a few minutes so i could take some shots. they told me "go boy's tooter club!" and then proceeded to do this...

i spared you the shot of their tooshies aimed and firing at the camera.

you're welcome.

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April said...

I have to admit, I Love making fart sounds (with my mouth) with the kids. They think it is so funny and I love to hear their laughter. Oddly enough, it's pretty fun too! Sometimes we just need to take a break from being a serious grown up and join in the childish fun. It's good for the soul!