Friday, April 12, 2013

sensory bin - spring/garden theme

i put together a spring time, garden-esque is that a word? i don't think that's a word. sensory bin the other day. this just might be the easiest of all sensory bins. here's what you do:

1) empty a few bags of dry black beans into a bin.
2) add in whatever else you want...

...such as creepy crawly creatures. the boys have had loads of fun taking turns burying and digging up these frogs. we've also hidden other small objects/toys from around the house under the beans. we take turns searching for them and using only our sense of touch to figure out what object we just found.

 ...and some type of container.

...and some type of scoop.

...and why not some flowers? flowers are spring-esque and garden-esque, no?

and that's all there is to it.
black beans = dirt.
other stuff = items you might find in or around dirt.

now go use your imagination and see what you can come up with!

black beans
plastic frogs - dollar tree
brown lizard - gift from meme & papa
brown flower pots - target dollar spot, last year
green spade, rake & watering can - target dollar spot, last year
fake flowers - dollar tree


April said...

I love the colors in this sensory bin. It's so pretty!

April said...

Rachel, how do you store all the items for your not in use sensory bins? Do you have a closet just for sensory bins? Do you store each theme in a plastic bin or bag? The organizational side of me is wondering.