Thursday, April 25, 2013

just some random stuff...

hi guys. this morning i took both boys to preschool. harrison doesn't have school today due to some kind of state testing or flex days or some other mumbo jumbo. he asked if he could go to school with graham and the preschool teachers were more than happy to welcome harrison back for the morning. it was nice to be able to drop them both off at the same time and pick them both up at the same time. 

i was expecting to turn around and head straight home but ended up grabbing coffee with a friend and catching up with her for a while and then went to costco because there is nothing better than going to costco sans two little rugrats. but while i was cruising the aisles i remembered i left a candle burning in the kitchen and offered up a desperately plea for fire protection to the lord and, thankfully, he heard my cry and our house was not burned to the ground but did have a very pleasant cinnamon smell.

now i'm catching up on emails and posting while the boys are watching curious george when i really should be catching up on laundry and dishes and putting away the millions of little things that migrate from one floor of the house to the others.

in other news, i was talking, very limitedly, to the boys about the boston bombing and about prison an punishment/consequences; explaining that when people do wrong things sometimes the consequence is that they are sent to jail. harrison responded "and then they have to pay money to get out". he was comparing real jail to monopoly jail. and why wouldn't he?

wouldn't it be so nice to go back to a world - and innocent, naive world - where the only jail we knew or understood or needed was a monopoly jail?

i should also mention that yesterday's post about harrison's occupational therapy results doesn't mean we are done with therapy yet. he will continue to go through the month of may, take the month of june off, go back during the month of july. then we are done. his post-testing will be at the end of august. so hopefully we will continue to see more and more positive changes. :-)

jeremy took the boys to memeanpapa's house last sunday afternoon. i stayed home to catch up on laundry and dishes. it's my life, people. anyway, he came home with big plans to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. i told him i'd be happy to serve him what i eat and that would, at least, be a good start. but with one condition: he is not allowed to complain. so he's been happily eating what i eat - no dairy, no gluten, no refined sugar, very little grains...mostly just lean proteins and veggies and fruit - and i swear it's only been four days and i think he's already lost at least five pounds.


it's so infuriating how men can lose weight so quickly!

we shall see how it goes. it is very nice to be able to just make one meal for all of us for a change as opposed to modifying things for each member of the family. last night jer got home in time to have dinner with us (a rare treat for a week night!) and we had homemade pizzas. the boys had pita bread crusts and jer and i had gluten free brown rice tortilla crusts, which really do make for a yummy pizza. why is it that i find when my boys eat their dinner?! i told jer "you are home to have dinner together as a family, the boys ate all their food, i could not ask for anything more!" he responded "except for the dishes to be magically cleaned up". he was right.

let's see...what else? oh! i came up with another fun activity/game that helps us get our sensory input/exercise for the day. i'll take a couple photos and share it in another post. it's super simple.

this morning harrison climbed into bed with jeremy and me and said, "i need my morning cuddles" and proceeded to snuggle with each of us for a few minutes. seriously!!! i couldn't believe it. then when jer left for work harrison ran after him, yelled "wait!" and gave him more hugs! jer's love tank was instantly filled to the brim. physical touch is jer's love language. so i'm sure you can imagine how hard it is on him when harrison doesn't want to be touched or complains about how jer touches him.

anyway, it was a good start to the day. 

hope you all are having a great thursday too!

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TutyFrutyJudy said...

thanks for posting so that I would have something fun to read instead of catching up on MY laundry, dishes, and yes, the floor migrators!