Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ipod shuffle storage case

harrison got an ipod for his birthday. he loves listening to music on my iphone, but i don't love sharing my iphone, so one day i pulled up images of ipod shuffle's online and asked if he might want one. he said yes and commented that he liked the black color best. i passed along this information which resulted in uncle zach giving harrison a black ipod shuffle for his sixth birthday. uncle zach always wins the best gift award, by the way. cannot compete with that guy!

the next morning we sat down together to load up some tunes. harrison requested blindside and ray lamontagne. my six year old apparently has 1) good musical taste and 2) eclectic musical taste. he has since requested other artists: U2, coldplay and the lumineers. i'm such a proud mama.

just today after i got graham loaded up in the car and we were headed home from preschool my sweet four year old boy said, "mommy can we listen to the spanish song?"

me: what spanish song?

graham: the one where they say 'galorte'.

me: oh, you mean catorce? i have absolutely no idea how i was able to translate catorce from galorte. mommy instinct just rocks sometimes.

graham: yeah. catorce.

me: that's called vertigo. i'll play it.

what do you think bono would say if he knew four year olds were requesting his songs? especially in such a random way like 'the spanish song' and 'galorte'?



now that we have this ipod it's been a struggle figuring out where to keep it and how to protect it. the uber cool case it comes in is great...

but trying to get these components back into that case after each use is frustrating...

so we've just been leaving it out on the countertop but my fear is that it will 1) get broken 2) get splashed with water 3) get broken.  so enter this case...

which cost 97 cents at target. guess what it used to hold...

i dumped out the qtips and loaded up the ipod shuffle and it's accessories.


enough writing for today. i have to leave to fetch harrison from school. perhaps i'll listen to 'the mole song' on my way to pick him up. 

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