Friday, April 26, 2013

the dice game

can i please share our new favorite activity with you?

we've grown a bit tired of extreme candyland which was played repeatedly during the winter months. time to come up with something new. 

i got this idea after harrison described a game he played in p.e. class at school. he explained that the gym teacher had a huge yellow die. the kids took turns rolling the die and looking at a chart that showed them which exercise they had to do. easy peasy right?

we have dice.

we can come up with exercise ideas.

so that's what we've done.

the boys and i make a plan. we decide what exercises we want to do and write them down. graham likes to come up with crazy ideas. anyone heard of a one-legged donkey kick? nope? me neither.

here are a couple plans we've used in the past few days. we list out six activities, one for each number on the die. we take turns rolling one die to find out which activity to do then we roll both dice to tell us how many times we get to do it.

this is GREAT counting practice for graham!!!! an added bonus on top of the great sensory input/exercise all of us receive.

a few days after we had started playing the dice game you won't believe what came in the mail...

 the may 2013 issue of family fun magazine.

which had a little blurb that showed how to make your own exercise dice!

so that's what we've done.

i happened to have a perfectly square box in the recycle bin which i covered with a brown paper grocery bag. i asked the boys what their very favorite exercises are and we wrote them on here. you know graham chose one-legged donkey kicks. :)

we do each activity 10 times.

i figure this big box die will be great to take outside!

the small dice can be put in my purse, a backpack or a suitcase so we can take them on trips...or even if we have to wait to be seated at a restaurant...or if we go to a friend's house that doesn't have things for young children to play with...or any place where two little misters might need to get some sillies out.

and that is just about everywhere!! 

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