Sunday, April 7, 2013

photos of occupational therapy at STAR center

my last post described harrison's therapy sessions. fortunately, harrison allowed me to take the camera along and snap some photos during our play time last thursday so you can get a visual of the things i was describing. the above photo shows you what the main gym space looks like. juliana is standing in the doorway, toward the back of the room. behind her are the "light room" and "rainbow room". behind ME are other rooms as well - the "messy room" and the "little gym". (i described some of these rooms in THIS post). STAR has quite a bit of space to play!

this is the zip line. you can see the wooden fort/tower off to the right of the frame. the ball pit is in the foreground. obviously, one of the therapists or kiddos came up with an idea to attach an inner tube to the zip line! harrison has never tried it with an inner tube attached. looks fun!

here's the monkey bars set-up. you can see the yellow rope tied to each end and the inner tube attached to the bar contraption at the top. this is one of harrison's favorite activities. he sits in the inner tube and pulls himself from one side to the other. last thursday we added a game to this - pop up pirate. we put the swords at one end of the monkey bars and the pirate at the other end. harrison had to barter with juliana and me to purchase swords (i got high-fives and hugs, juliana got pretend money). he then hauled the swords to the other end and placed them into the game to see if the pirate would pop up.

here's the rock climbing wall, which wraps around the corner and has hand/foot holds (grips? what do they call those things?) for climbing that wall, too. you can also see all the large exercise balls in this photo. harrison hasn't chosen to do any activities with those just yet.

here he is getting ready to place pictures of the activities he has chosen for the day onto the cover of the plan book (they adhere with velcro). you can see juliana on the right, turning on the ipod, and getting ready to place it inside the jet pack.

a good shot of the jet pack and headphones. the white headband just helps to keep the headphones in place during all the activities. play time can get rough/high impact at STAR center! :-)

the following are a progression of photos of one of the activities harrison chose - a bouncy swing! blast off...bounce onto pillow...up again...bounce onto mat...up again...boing, boing, boing!

occupational therapy is so stinkin fun!!  

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RACHEL said...

Now you know our secret - we get paid to play all day!