Monday, April 8, 2013

the photos behind the photo

family photo, easter sunday 2013.

this is an okay shot. i love harrison's sweet, natural smile. graham's cheese-y grin is pretty typical for him at this age and, really, he looks cute no matter what.  jeremy and i look alright. you can see papa in the reflection of the glass doors behind us, but i'm just gonna have to deal with it. i may fool around and see if i can edit him out. no offense, papa.

but here's the reality of what it takes to get one decent family photo...let's not even begin a discussion regarding what it takes to get a good family photo...

completely unedited...

 here we go. wrestling the boys into place.

 i actually like this one of jeremy and me.

 still wrestling.

graham looks sweet in this one. actually, i really do like this one of all three of my boys even though harrison isn't look at the camera, which is alright with me. but i look less than enthused. i might try editing this one. at least i could crop papa out. no offense, papa.


 keep snapping.

 keep snapping.

 this is starting to get real old, real quick.

going downhill fast. what can we do to liven things up?

 let's try making grumpy faces.

 at least graham and i are on the same page.

 let's try making silly faces.

 jeremy the stoic. ha! i love this one! happy easter one and all! except jer!

which brings us back to...

 hope this post makes you smile! happy monday everyone!


RACHEL said...

I love it!! Jeremy's emotional range is astounding :)

April said...

I can totally empathize with you on trying to get a good family photo. It is so hard to get everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. I usually end up cutting and pasting heads from one photo to another until I get a composition that I like. I think that might be cheating.:). I love how you and Graham have the exact same silly and grumpy faces!