Sunday, April 14, 2013

ever the procrastinator

in THIS post i mentioned that i'd like to join in on THIS project. check out the link to find out what Project Simplify 2013 is all about.

so...remember that snow day i told you about?

well, i used that day to tidy up quite a few things around our home.

let me list them for you.

the small drawers in the living room check
the kitchen pantry check
the basement toy closet check
the linen closet check
the master bedroom closet check
the boy's closet check
the powder bath cabinet check
the boy's bath cabinet check
the master bath cabinet check
the sensory bin supplies check
the craft supplies check
the homeschool supplies check

i got rid of two bags of trash, one bag of recycling and one trunk-full to goodwill.

not bad, huh?!

but here's the thing...confession time...with the exception of the sensory/craft/homeschool supplies which really did need a significant amount of organization, the rest of those items were fairly tidy already. it was quick and easy to go through each of those spaces, purge what needed to go and arrange what needed to stay.

so what i'm saying is i spent a bunch of time on projects that weren't all that necessary and - i know myself - it's because i really, really, really don't want to do the projects that actually need doing.


the room that really needs attention is the kitchen. i have some major issues with regard to kitchen organization.

major. issues.

in order to hold myself accountable, i'm going to post a few 'before' photos. hopefully the knowledge that my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 'befores' are on display will encourage me to complete this long overdue project and take some 'after' photos.

without further ado...

don't you just love how the left side of this cupboard is so tidy while the right side is so messy? why yes that is a can of spray adhesive and an ipad keyboard and an ipad stand and cables and coupons and loads of other does-not-belong-in-this-cabinet stuff. and yes of course those little green objects, right side center shelf, are om nom and a green pig. doesn't everyone have little green objects living in their kitchen cabinet?

so...remember that snow day i told you about?

i think i need a couple more!

linking up to project simply 2013

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April said...

You can do it, Rachel! It gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction once you take control of those ot spots. I'm rooting you on!